Common values:


To work on the survival of the Basque language learning and speaking it by pure pleasure.


To reflect on the origin, elaboration process and future of energy, materials and objects we use.


To change some daily habits to move towards a sustainable lifestyle in order to find the ecological balance of the planet as fast as it can be.


To move towards an autonomous economical lifestyle acquiring individual and collaborative competences which could satisfy our own daily needs (for example, self- production of food, tools, energy; construction of buildings, production workshops or garages…).


To be always careful of the dangers of television, video games, the Internet, mobile phones.


To share with others and give priority to mutual gift.


To respect nature and live in contact with it.


To take care of human relationships: honesty, confidence, respect, help each other, prevention and problem’s solution through nonviolent communication.


Our thoughts, which are in continuous development, are nourished by a variety of information sources and points of view. Our daily actions and experiences are evolved and renewed.