How Bizi Toki runs:


1. We want to live in Basque in Bizi Toki. For that, adults and children learn the Basque language or they improve it.


2. Anyone who agrees with the general point of view, which is determined above all by its values, with principles and its basic educational principles can be a member of Bizi Toki (be parents or not). These values, rules and principles evolve with practice.


3. Bizi Toki is essentially run by parents and their children. This assumes an investment, parents’ commitment, financial autonomy and decision autonomy.


4. Adults regularly hold meetings:

a. The assembly is the governing body of Bizi Toki. It is mainly a place for discussion. Decisions are taken there.

b. Decisions are taken after discussing the topics where we try to reach an agreement which satisfies everyone. If we do not reach any agreement democratical votations are carried out. A minimum of 75% of voters is needed to approve a proposal.

c. Between two meetings, the members of Bizi Toki may individually or collectively make decisions which affect the whole group, which application could be easily changed in case those decisions do not work as expected. The assembly has the choice to question those decisions.


5. Each adult is responsible for the organisation and execution of the activities of Bizi Toki.


6. The adults of Bizi Toki reflect altogether on pedagogy and on their children’s learning monitoring.


7. The participation of a great number of parents and people who are not parents in activities and life of Bizi Toki means that children are not all the time under the supervision of their parents.


8. We consider positive the experience and knowledge of the members of Bizi Toki, as well as of the people around. We invite these people to take part in the education of the children of Bizi Toki with us and also in the adult’s learning process.


9. Until the age of three more or less (age in which children can speak, can be alone, can dress up more or less alone, is autonomous of his/her body) at least one parent is with his/her child in Bizi Toki. If he or she cannot be present, the rest of the members of Bizi Toki try to find a solution.


10. Daily tasks (housework for example) are usually done in turns by everybody.


11. Parents bring their children to Bizi Toki when they want or when they can. However, they keep in mind that they take part in many collective activities and that their absence can affect themselves and the group.


12. We try to respect each one’s need of sleep, especially starting later the morning activities in winter. Each one’s silence, solitude or calm needs are also respected. There are fit out areas which are available at all times of the day.